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Gatorade® Original Powdered Drink Mix Packet Varieties

Gatorade® Original Powdered Drink Mix Packet Varieties

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Gatorade® Original Powdered Drink Mix Packet Varieties

  • Excellent value.
  • Great flavors.
  • Accelerates the rehydration process.
  • Replenishes important electrolytes.

“Mix and drink” premeasured drink powder pouches provide an excellent value to sports teams, recreation groups and anyone who might need to keep a gallon or more on hand. Enjoy the same delicious, refreshing flavors you’ve come to love. The Thirst Quencher delivers a fun way to accelerate your rehydration process. At the same time, this sports drink replenishes important electrolytes, helping to keep you performing at your peak. 


  • Fruit Punch, 8.5 oz Packets – 40/cc
  • Fruit Punch, 21 oz Packets – 32/cs
  • Fruit Punch, 51 oz Packets – 14/cs
  • Glacier Freeze, 21 oz Packets – 32/cs
  • Glacier Freeze, 51 oz Packets – 14/cs
  • Lemon-Lime, 8.5 oz Packets – 40/cs
  • Lemon-Lime, 21 oz Packets – 32/cs
  • Lemon-Lime, 51 oz Packets – 14/cs
  • Orange, 8.5 oz Packets – 40/cs
  • Orange, 21 oz Packets – 32/cs
  • Orange, 51 oz Packets – 14/cs
  • Riptide Rush, 8.5 oz Packets – 40/cs
  • Riptide Rush, 21 oz Packets – 32/cs
  • Riptide Rush, 51 oz Packets – 14/cs
  • Variety Pack, 21 oz Packets – 32/cs


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